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potato and produce packaging supplies

Statewide Bag Service, a division of Tallman Family Farms LLC, has been providing quality potato and produce packaging supplies to growers and packers for over 40 years.
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Mesh Ventilation Paper Bags

Completely plant-based, recyclable, and compostable.

Calling all CSA’s, Organic Grower’s and Farm Markets! Have you ever needed a plain paper bag with a vent and no print for a special produce item? Search no more. Statewide Bag Service has the answer!

We can provide a 2lb., 3lb., 5lb, or 10lb., paper bag with mesh vent and no design. AND NOW – we have a 3 lb. paper bag that is an even more environmentally friendly packaging solution. It is 100% Paper with die-cut holes for ventilation.

You can design your own label or create a stamp to meet all packaging needs for your specific produce item. The vented paper design allows for air circulation and will keep your produce fresher. These bags are available in small or large quantities to meet your specific needs.

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Fischbein Sewer & Thread

Premium High Quality Thread
8 oz., 2.5 lb., 5.0 lb., 20 lb. cones
No Tearing, No Fraying
100% Polyester
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Mesh Produce Bags

Various Sizes Available to fit your needs
Available in Large or Small Quantities
Cabbage, Onion, Corn, Fresh Produce
Call 717-647-2823 for more information
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Red Barn Design

Ideal for Red Potatoes
5, 10, 20 & 50 lb. Size Potato Bags.
Red Mesh Window in all sizes.
US#1, UPC, Produce of USA

Statewide Bag Service

Who We Are

Our family owned farms now grow and produce small grains, while our selling of potato packaging materials continues as Statewide Bag Service.

Our paper potato bags are made from high-quality recyclable materials. There is always a large inventory of bags in stock. Multiple designs, grades and sizes are available! Special Order bags and Custom Prints Available. Design/Artwork Assistance is offered to create your own design or brand.

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