Did you know the Potato is America’s Favorite Vegetable? It’s true! And for good reason.

Searching for health benefits from a nutrition-rich ‘Super Food’ that is affordable enough to eat every day? Look no further! Not only is the potato delicious, but it is the most affordable Super Food you can buy. It’s PACKED with vitamins, minerals, and good-for-you carbohydrates that supply healthy energy. Read more about the nutritional benefits here!

There are many different potato varieties to try: white, yellow, russet, red, fingerling, and even purple! Each variety has its own distinct flavor and texture. They are easy to cook and can be served in a huge assortment of ways. Baked, grilled, mashed, boiled, steamed, roasted, scalloped, fried, stewed… there is no end to the creativity in the kitchen!

The potato also has a rich history. Marie Antoinette, the famous queen of France, favored wearing potato blossoms in her hair. This significantly increased potato popularity in Europe, which was low at the time. Potatoes are now one of the largest food crops in the world.

Thomas Jefferson introduced the United States to French fries by serving them at the White House during his Presidency in the 1800’s.  And in 1995, the potato became the first vegetable to be grown in space. Talk about an extensive resume!